Sharing Our Passion For Music

Our mission is to share our passion for music to bring people together and create premium experiences.

Lead Staff

Diego De la Rosa
Executive Director

Joel Simpson
Events Director

Danielle Fleming
Press & Social

Andrew Reyes
Music Director



Quality & Excellence
This is our number one value and priority. We believe in delivering quality and excellence throughout every part our process. From attention to the detail and timely communication to thoughtfulness in music selections and exceptional day-of-event performances, we believe in being - and doing - the best.

We strive to apply fresh perspectives and new ideas to the work we produce and services we provide. Whether it’s incorporating trending music into our performances or mastering the latest technology, we think outside the box and thrive when are given the opportunity to try new things. With keeping innovation in mind as one of our core values, we highly encourage our team to continuously create, learn and grow both as individuals and as a collective - it’s what we do best!

Downbeat prides itself on creating an inclusive, fun-loving community of professional artists who are able to do what they love for people who appreciate quality entertainment. Having a community means having a group of people who care about you, and we see this in our company, our clients who become friends and the faces in the crowd who become family. In doing what we love, we are creating lifelong memories for people who welcome us into their lives and who, in return, are welcomed into ours.